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Listed as a World Heritage Site in 1999

Mons Belfry was listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site as part of the group entry for "Belfries of Belgium and France". It is a remarkable example of local architectural history.

Since 1999, a total of 56 belfries in Belgium and France have been included on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. Two criteria led to their inclusion (criteria II and IV –

Because of their different typologies and different architectural styles adopted since the Romanesque style, the belfries illustrate an essential stage in the development of European architecture since the 13th century. This type of construction symbolises the conquest of civil liberties and reflects the development of municipal and political power which has marked the history of Flanders (in the historical sense of this term) from the Middle Ages to the present day. It stood in opposition to the cathedral towers and, in some cases, the lord's keep, thereby confronting the various established powers.




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